campus Sexual violence & freedom of speech

Two members of our leadership team, Brooke Mascagni and Kathryn Pogin, delivered a presentation entitled The Politics of Neutrality: "Freedom of Speech" and Campus Violence at Georgetown University Law School's conference on campus sexual assault held in Washington, D.C. on October 14, 2016. The conference hosted national advocates, lawyers, and professors to collaborate on reform efforts involving Title IX and the college rape crisis.

Georgetown Law Conference on Sexual Violence_2016.10.14.jpg

F.A.R. responds to aAUP title iX draft report

Insider Higher Ed (April 15, 2016): "A group of professors known as Faculty Against Rape has deep concerns about the American Association of University Professors’ recent draft report arguing that some interpretations and applications of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prevents sex-based discrimination in education, threaten academic freedom. "As it stands, we are troubled by much of the framing, content, unrepresentative nature of, and failures of accuracy within, the draft report," reads an open letter from the group to the AAUP." Read more here.  


FAR: "While we would ordinarily join with the AAUP in resisting the corporatization of institutions of higher learning, we are deeply concerned that the AAUP’s analysis of this issue as it pertains to Title IX, by pitting student concerns for campus safety against faculty interests, reinforces the symptoms instead of addresses the problem."  Read more of our open letter here.